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Making of Alive 2. Subs for the English Speaking auditory. Consider clicking little CC button in the bottom on youtube.

Happy new year, my dear friends.

There is a gift inside. MN users activity statistic for whole 2017 year.

Alive 2 is out

25.12.2017 7

Deathsquad II

08.12.2017 1

Who needs 3D edits... Those fancy game engines of latests generations... or those amazing 3D softwares we have around us... or even classic features like HLAE.... or JUST Source itself.... no we dont need that anymore.

Quality over quantity they said... Ha ha.

19.11.2017 0

12 years we rose and yet we shine. Movienations 12 years birthday lift the bottle for us! Here is something we made this year to make life of our community - better:

As always we have 2 reasons to drink and celebrate. Apart from the Movienations birthday we have a birthday of our one of the most important guy here the amazing Georgy Glau. Put your cans in the air! (c)

Some other cool features from past year can be found in the news of 11 years MN

Movienations is wide spread in terms of geography which means we have ppl come and go from many corners of this cruel world.

For a long time we'v been missing a crucial feature which is a part of this world for a long long time. A feature called Time Zones. Well, guess what? Right, we finally made it real.

Now you dont have to always look at all those weirdly posted timings, its all changed now according to your local time! You can adjust it via the settings menu in your profile by manually changing the time zone to the one you like.

Ahh finaly the QoL patches on MovieNations, feelsgood.

MN Demos #36


Every Friday we are releasing a compilation of best demos across the web so that you can download them and use in your own edits.

MN Demos #35


Every Friday we are releasing a compilation of best demos across the web so that you can download them and use in your own edits.

Helicopter jumps today! Like in CS:GO trailer, but on Mirage! Come on in!

During the past weeks we fixed many bugs and added many backdoor features in our most recent upgrade the News feed. But we weren't only doing the hidden stuff we also made something for you to see, something which would again make us closer to become social network.

Now the News Feed is different for each other. Your feed is now truly yours.
Apart from everything you saw in the feed before you now get to see the wall posts of the people you are friends with or subscribed to. 

We will recommend to start with adding  deanar to friends, he will be posting a lot of technichal nuances about the website on his wall. 

The way subscribe\friends work is quite simple. Send a request to become a friend on the desired friend's page. If the person is kind enough he will accept the request and viola! you made yourself a friend. If the person doesnt know you and dont really feel like getting closer - he will ignore it or decline it, thus making you a subscriber.

Stay tuned as there is as always more to come!