Pride is a weekly fights of moviemakers in any kinds of games

You and your opponent make a movie using the same music track. You get 12 days to create your work.

After the deadline, viewers and judges will rate your works, vote and choose the winner.

At the end of the season top 3 duelists will claim the prize pool of the season.

More details in FAQ page

Movies of the week

Active and latest fights

Week #2021-42 (starts : 17.10.2021)
Fight DMKcfg Timobu
Week #2021-30 (starts : 25.07.2021)
Fight кiт stater
Fight BSoD Капец absxlutely
Week #2021-24 (starts : 13.06.2021)
Fight Егор Сильпо Женя Чернов