Import .AGR to Blender & Cinema 4D

This tutorial will teach you how to record and import players' movements and animation from your CS:GO demo into Blender and Cinema 4D.

Crowbar 0.34:
Blender 2.78a:
Blender Source Tools 2.7.1:
GCFScape 1.8.5:

Author: RU MP

  • HU mauser 06 Jan 2017 22:53
    well done
    • RU NAMEROUND 08 Jan 2017 12:58
      How to import texture and gun?
      • HU mauser 08 Jan 2017 13:09
        NAMEROUND, you can either do it in blender or other 3d software where you have exported the whole scene as fbx, one by one and you have to attach the guns to the models
          • HU mauser 08 Jan 2017 15:44
            NAMEROUND, sorry but i am not really familiar with blender myself, you can import the agr following the tutorial, u can add the plugin by pressing space and searching for user preferences, where you can add plugins through the add-on tab, once you have your scene i should be easier to export to export it to a 3d software which has better interface since blenders interface is pretty annoying in my opinion, although i havent used too much
            • ZZ Barabulyko 09 Jan 2017 05:07
              Follow the readme on blender import scripts please....
        • RU NInja111 16 Jan 2017 08:32
          Im stuck on the importing the .fbx to cinema because it takes forever then crashes saying "cinema 4d has run out of memory" (i have 16GB ram)
        • DK glitchygamer 18 Jan 2017 18:37
          Heey MP i have been trying to get the default csgo animations into c4d but it never works. I start out by getting materials and models folder out of the pak.01dir and then i decompile the "ct_animations.mdl" and the same with "t_animations.mdl". then i use IOgre plugin for c4d and import. but nothing shows up. I also used the smd patch .bat but shit still dont work... any suggestions? Revizion told me to put models, then animation, into blender before using c4d.. halp pls
          I basically followed the "import csgo models into blender & c4d" tutorial.
          • DK glitchygamer 30 Jan 2017 23:33
            yeah, so how did you get textures and gun onto the player model? :)
                • SE carlossss 17 Feb 2017 01:55
                  When I import the agr blender says not responding no matter how long I wait
                  • SE carlossss 17 Feb 2017 20:03
                    "no matter how long I wait" said that a bit too soon had to wait more :D
                    • ZZ Barabulyko 18 Feb 2017 06:08
                      Classic source engine things. Remember its made by valve all time in it is ValveTime xD
                      • RU PAINTED 17 Apr 2017 16:59
                        how did u fix that ?? i got same problem and its took very long time and never end
                    • DE ken1337 26 Feb 2017 06:09
                      how i can fix this
                      plz i need help..
                      • HU mauser 26 Feb 2017 14:53
                        animation retargeting in c4d, or just edit the nla strips inside blender
                        • DE ken1337 26 Feb 2017 18:17
                          Thank you,and how i can Import the guns?
                          • HU mauser 26 Feb 2017 20:19
                            not to be rude, but this site has a shitton of tutorials, maybe check the tutorial section first ? :)
                            • DE ken1337 26 Feb 2017 21:49
                              but its not a tutorial about it.
                              • HU mauser 27 Feb 2017 00:59
                                there is a tutorial about it thats why i wrote what i wrote, it wasnt even posted long ago
                                • DE ken1337 28 Feb 2017 03:16
                                  yeah i know how to do it now .. thanks for help:)
                                  • PL smiff 11 Jun 2017 04:35
                                    Where it is? i can't find it ;d
                              • DE ken1337 26 Feb 2017 21:50
                                maybe ill check:) but thanks for the help
                        • US Adept Edits 27 Feb 2017 05:31
                          So I followed everything, but when I go to import into blender, it says "error failed to import" and then lists all the models im trying to import. What did I do wrong?
                          • SE carlossss 19 Mar 2017 20:11
                            it used to work for me but now I get the same thing as you, did you solve it?
                            • SE carlossss 19 Mar 2017 21:08
                              nvm fixed it, I think the model hierarchy was diffrent when the demo I'm using was recorded, so I fixed it by manually recreating the filepaths the error log showed
                              • SE carlossss 19 Mar 2017 21:31
                                ok no I didn't now I get a diffrent error
                                • ZZ Barabulyko 19 Mar 2017 22:32
                                  the mistake he has was described in readme.txt that comes along with the agr import script. What you have here I have no idea
                              • HU vlkben 12 Mar 2017 18:02
                                Is there a way to import the gun into the model's hand with animations? For example if i have a reload animation I don't have to animate it manually.
                              • RU PAINTED 09 Apr 2017 21:40
                                I need help when iam import the agr to blender it took so long time and never end anybody can explain and help me if i did any mistake ?