While some of our most gifted users are trying to find out what's the last straw of our administration, we've decided to update the ruleset:
Your work must be in public access, so that anyone without a direct link to it will be able to find it.

Good luck and fight fair!

Most anticipating fight of this week! In the red corner  MP who is famous for... eh. it says.. oh its right? okay.... famous for not finishing his works for Pride! In the blue corner Russia inclement also know as Pride King a guy who never lost a fight on Pride!

Will this fight be last one for inclement? Is it time to leave the throne? Find out next week! Its up for you to decide! Vote for your true king either it be Inclement or MP!

>>> voting page here <<<

Today is Friday, so meet a new episode of MN Demos.

Nowadays moviemaking became something different. It didn't become art as we hoped to and tried to make it be. It's now just a way to show off on public how you shake dat sscreen, put an effect on every drop and compete in how fast are you (hear that girls?). 

But it's great, great to see that someone still pushes the line in the direction it was supposed to be pushed. We hope someday this direction will be more important than the other...

Our member Russia inclement presents his new work for MN Pride! Give it some love because looks like this one will be tough for him.
Remember to vote for him this weekend in his duel against MP, your vote, not judges or smone else, can be the key to his win!

Today is Friday, so here new episode of MN Demos. Pack with amazing fresh demos.
Download it and use in your edit!

MN Demos #19

- Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?
- Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

New entry for T3C 100K Contest.

Summer Season online hurray!

Let me quickly remind you what's that all about, just in case.

1. Every MOTW now gets 17$. WebMoney, PayPal, Mastercard, whatever fits u better.
2. Pride now is split in Seasons. By the end of the season 3 best fighters (by the amount of wins) will share the Prize pool which you can find on the Pride's main page.
3. Season's prize pool is not related to MOTW rewards and is founded from donations. At the moment it has 88$. By the end of the season we plan to enlarge it up to 350$. We are calling to everyone who's willing to support us and moviemaking in general. This is the moment where you can support us at your best.
4. Not only judges this time! Now everyone can vote on Pride in MOTW and in duels. Also judges votes are now visible for everyone so you know who to hate (:
5. No more music restrictions. Everyone can create fights with any music of their choice.
6. You can only accept fights if the difference between fighters are not bigger then 2 wins(stars).
7. No more delays and after deadlines finishes. Havnt got it in time - disqualified.
8. If your opponent didnt get the job done and got disqualified he gets banned for a week and you dont get a win. Bans will increase in length everytime you get banned.
9. If your opponent got the job done but has failed to follow some of the rules, then consequences for the fight will be discussed separately.
10. Before engaging into the fight make sure to read FAQ to not get disqualified for simply not knowing the rules.


All the questions, suggestions and anything else is appreciated and welcome into the comments.

New movie from our studio, this time by Russia inclement. Playerclip for a guy called Fintovskii. Take a look!

Its always great to have a cup of the coffee in the morning. Solid taste wakes up your mind and prepares you for a new day. New ideas come and go with every sip of the drink.

Or you can watch MN Demos, get rid of that coffee addiction and finally start making movies and stop excusing yourself with "no inspiration" thingie! Its just so cool that now we will have MN Demos on a regular basis every Friday. Mhhmmm, I can see all this new movies already. We are waiting (:

Check this out!

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