Week #2017-13 (starts : 27.03.2017)
Fight SPOKSYA faxz
Week #2017-12 (starts : 20.03.2017)
Fight darlimoN 厶 JakE-
Week #2017-8 (starts : 20.02.2017)
Fight darlimoN 厶 DimEye

It happens, IT HAPPENS! MovieNations getting a sponsor!

Movienations, in cooperation with CSGOSTEP.COM is launching a sponsored fight of pride with the prize of 50 dollars. Yes, we will be giving away 50 dollars in prize, for the movie made in 2 weeks, you are right. Week number 14, challenges can be thrown on 1st and 2nd of april. Results will be on the april 14th.

Since it is sponsored fight we are changing some rules:
NEW INTRO - Everyone who is participating in sponsored fight should be using intro which promotes our sponsor. You can find the link on Pride's FAQ.

LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION - Yes this too. Put a link of csgostep.com into description of your video. All your desc are belong to us.

Full list of rules can be found on the Prides Faq page, consider checking em before participating, if u dont want to get disqualified in the last moment. It would be a shame for you and a sad moment for us ):

If you dont know Pride is at all... well yea, just visit the FAQ page. Quite helpful page isnt it? . In case you still have some questions, you can send IM to barabulyko or join us in Discord. Good luck, and we will be looking forward for your participation in upcoming Pride fights!

You know since the very old times people tended to communicate between each other. At the start of the web where it was only one little lan we had shitty refreshing TXT files, then we had forums then e-mails and now, now we have live chat. And we thought: We ain't no worse than all those fools around. We can have those too! Aaaand we made em. Meet the Conversations!

How does it work:
On the top right corner of our website where it shows your nickname. Click here. You see there is a new option to click called conversations. That's it.

What features it has:
-All your dialogs in one place (if you had one)
-Search by name
-Unlimited amount of symbols in 1 message

What features it will have soon™:
-Conversations of more than 2 ppl (its actually live already there is just no interface for that yet)
-Separate notifications
-Studio conversations
-Pictures\videos\links embed
-Dialogs wipe
-Messages editing\removing

As always if u notice some bugs, or have some ideas for improvements in your mind, express that all in comment section below! We are always watching (:

New release from our studio! Russia Googler presents his new Team Fortress 2 clip called Price.

For those who are still in this game for frags (frags in 2k17 lmao) Russia Ivan Kuzking made a highlight montage from recent tournament. Take a look!

Its never a bad idea to revisit old movies.

Today we are revisiting some old Quake movie of our member Russia James. A video about one of the best players of Russian Quake uN*DeaD|grisly doing some awesome defrag runs. Great skill packed up and wrapped by great editor, what else needed?

Give your footage a gritty edge with these 10 free glitch sound effects. Feel free to use the sound effects in any video project.

Glitch Sound FX by RocketStock

Day turns to dusk, dusk turns to night and night turns red. A new movie by member of our studio, RU Barabulyko!

Short animated clip packed up with loud music, action, cool slow-mo scenes and explosions (not much of them to be honest). If you are still not overflooded with custom 3D scenes based on UE and do have feels for good old SFM then make sure to check it out!

To all of you Promod fans who are still alive (he-he). RU impegZ, especially for CyberGamer has made a Top-10 frags of February, so if you are still dreaming of good ol' days consider watching!

Also our matey is making something big but we cant be 100% sure only time will show us!

We are happy to bring you new movie from the member of our studio, Russia inclement. He is back, in black, white and orange, with new movie which is a continuation of Hysteria series and goes by number 3! Please, enjoy.

Meet the next release a compilation of demos. MN Demos #15!

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