Неделя #2019-24 (старт : 09.06.2019)
Бой witchkidsix dragger
Неделя #2019-14 (старт : 31.03.2019)
Бой raiijin kys
Фильтр ленты:

HLAE 2.81.1 (2019-09-20T07:00Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.70.1 (2019-09-20T07:00Z).

AfxHookSource 1.70.1 (2019-09-20T07:00Z)

  • Adjusted CS:GO update 9/19/19.

HLAE 2.81.0 (2019-09-17T13:00Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.70.0 (2019-09-17T13:00Z).

  • Added #224 fi-FI translation for installer, thanks https://github.com/markusforss

  • Added #221 partial pt-PT translation for installer, thanks https://github.com/DMTWENTYTHREE

  • Added Donate-button to menu.

AfxHookSource 1.70.0 (2019-09-17T13:00Z)

  • Added #75 mirv_campath offset command (for easier preview of campath).

  • Fixed mirv_campath draw being wiregrame in latest CS:GO version.

  • Fixed mirv_campath select second argument not working with current.

  • Fixed #225 mirv_cmd enabled does not work properly.

  • Fixed #137 mirv_streams captureType depthF crashes.

  • Fixed #218 Possible to bypass -insecure check.

HLAE 2.80.1 (2019-08-30T16:21Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.69.1 (2019-08-30T16:21Z).

AfxHookSource 1.69.1 (2019-08-29T06:32Z)

  • Fixed bug that would cause HLAE to lock up in an infinite loop when the first stream wouldn't be set to be recorded when starting to record. Thanks to grossmeister edits for reporting the issue (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKvcFw-wI5R3eGnqB5uQXZQ).

HLAE 2.80.0 (2019-08-29T06:32Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.69.0 (2019-08-29T06:32Z).

AfxHookSource 1.69.0 (2019-08-29T06:32Z)

  • Adjusted to CS:GO 08/28/2019 update.

  • Added #155 Visualize Camera orientation on campath preview. Adeded mirv_campath draw keyAxis 0|1 (default 0). Adeded mirv_campath draw keyCam 0|1 (default 1).

  • Fixed #134 DirectSound-based drivers without XAudio2 support don't work.

The internationaI 9. OG, take my energy Дмитрий Губа

HLAE 2.79.0 (2019-08-17T20:06Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.68.0 (2019-08-17T20:06Z).

AfxHookSource 1.68.0 (2019-08-17T20:06Z)

  • Added mirv_guides phiGrid enabled 0|1, will draw a white PHI Grid onto the game view, CS:GO only.
    Added mirv_guides ruleOfThirds enabled 0|1, will draw a pink Rule of Thirds Grid onto the game view, CS:GO only.

  • Update mirv_streams stream properties:
    - forceBuildingCubeMaps is now always obeyed and off (0) for all templates by default. If you have it somewhere in your config, we recommend removing it.
    - Added doBloomAndToneMapping and doDepthOfField properties: These are on "default" for the "normal" stream template (We recommend having only one normal stream and putting it first in the list of streams!) and off (0) for all other templates.
    This change together with the new mainStream setting should fully fix #150 mirv_streams light glows bug.

  • Added mirv_streams mainStream setting, which allows to control which stream is considered the main stream for caching the full scene state. By default this is set to "firstActive", which means the first stream that is recorded or previewed is the main stream. Any other setting can mean a performance penalty, since the stream might need to be silently rendered first and re-rendered later on again. There's is also currently such a performance penalty for "firstActive" if you are using multi-preview (which most people don't).

  • Breaking change: mirv_streams settings: names are now matched case-insensitively against each other.

  • Added mirv_streams settings presets afxFfmpegRaw (uncompressed AVI) and afxFfmpegHuffyuv (HuffYUV AVI).

  • Fixed problems with UTF-8 characters in mirv_loadlibrary command. Also changed AfxShader functions to use wide character version of fopen.

  • Made game .exe detection case-insensitive.

HLAE 2.78.0 (2019-08-09T06:58Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.67.0 (2019-08-09T06:58Z).

AfxHookSource 1.67.0 (2019-08-09T06:58Z)

  • Fixed and changed mirv_vpanel command:
    mirv_vpanel command <panelName> <sModule> <comand> - Execute <command> on panel with name <panelName> in module <sModule> (options are case-sensitive, <sModule> can e.g. be BaseUI or ClientDLL).
    Example: mirv_vpanel command DemoUIPanel BaseUI play
    Possible <command> values for DemoUIPanel in BaseUI: uireload, gotostart, prevframe, play, nextframe, gotoend, timescale_quarter, timescale_half, timescale_one, timescale_2x, timescale_4x, nextround, previousround, nextdeath, prevdeath, load, edit, smooth, drive, stop

HLAE 2.77.0 (2019-08-08T19:19Z)

  • Fixed missing and mixed up files in HLAE_Setup.exe (installer version).

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.77.0 (2019-08-08T19:19Z).

AfxHookSource 1.66.0 (2019-08-08T19:19Z)

  • Added mirv_exec command:
    mirv_exec "" ... "" - Pass arguments to to command named , use {QUOTE} for ", { for {, } for }.
    Example: mirv_exec bind x "echo {QUOTE}你好{QUOTE}"

HLAE (2019-08-05T20:29Z)

  • Fixed HLAE_Setup.exe loading in wrong language.

  • Added zn-CH translations to installer. (Thanks to Purple-CSGO and tediorelee!)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.65.1 (2019-08-05T20:29Z).

AfxHookSource 1.65.1 (2019-08-05T20:29Z)

  • Fixed crash bug when removing an item from a mirv_streams multi settings item.