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07 нояб. 2022 00:08 3

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.107.1 (2022-04-17T18:16Z).

AfxHookSource 1.107.1 (2022-04-17T18:16Z)

  • Fixed CS:GO AGR v6 not working properly when neither player camera nor view model recording was enabled.

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.107.0 (2022-04-15T13:44Z).

AfxHookSource 1.107.0 (2022-04-15T13:44Z)

  • Updated AGR to v6 for CS:GO, TF2, CSSv34.
  • Added AGR v6 support to official Steam CSS.

  • Updated build and HLAE_Setup.exe to .NET 4.6.2.

HLAE 2.127.1 (2022-03-14T09:03Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.106.1 (2022-03-14T09:03Z).

AfxHookSource 1.106.1 (2022-03-14T09:03Z)

  • For mirv_force_spectatortools 1 (should be enabled before loading demo), the drawmapoview CS:GO command will now also display enemies; The old behaviour can be restored with mirv_cfg mirvForceSpectatorToolsMapOverviewShowAll 0, however toggling this during the demo can have unwanted side effects (untested).
  • Fixed bug introduced in last version in mirv_deathmsg.

HLAE 2.127.0 (2022-03-14T05:48Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.106.0 (2022-03-14T05:48Z).

AfxHookSource 1.106.0 (2022-03-14T05:48Z)

  • Added mirv_force_spectatortools 0|1 - "Enable / Disable allowing spectator tools (e.g. makes spec_show_xray 1 work) and also enables scoreboard and drawoverviewmap in POV demos (most useful in fake mirv_pov POV demos).

HLAE 2.126.0 (2022-03-11T22:36Z)

  • Fixed #637 Parallely opening HLAE can cause HLAE settings loss.

AfxHookGoldSrc 2.13.2 (2022-03-11T22:36Z)

  • Updated to AGR version 6 (mirrored models etc are properly supported now).

  • Fixed HLAE version number.

HLAE 2.125.0 (2021-02-01T11:00Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.105.0 (2022-02-01T11:00Z).
  • Custom loader will not have AppIDs by default, so games like TF2 will not crash.
  • Added pt-BR language to translations (thanks Rillet).
  • Updated translations(thanks yovaN, Twissen).
  • Updated FFMPEG downloadd in installer to https://github.com/BtbN/FFmpeg-Builds/releases/tag/autobuild-2022-01-31-12-27, removed other downloads.

AfxHookSource 1.105.0 (2022-02-01T11:00Z)

  • Add feature to set camera faster than normal command execution (which is tickrate limited) in mirv_pgl, see https://github.com/advancedfx/advancedfx/blob/main/misc/mirv_pgl_test/server.js#L18 for an example.

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17 янв. 2022 03:39 1