What is MN Pride?

MN Pride is a weekly based contest between moviemakers in duel format.

How is that?

You and your opponent create clip using the same song. Challengers have only 12 days to create their works. After the deadline, judges will watch both works and announce the winner of the duel.

What games are allowed on Pride?

Fight can take place with any game from Dota to Point Blank, from Minecraft (please,no) to Star Citizen. Actually, you know, why only games? Take whatever you want, BUT topic for both participants should be the same. Not like we are going to judge CS:GO edit and rollerblading\mtb mix.

Woah! How to start fighting?

First of all remember, that you can only create challenges at the WEEKENDS!

Aight, so, to start the fight you have to either create challenge or accept one. To create one you simply go to the Challenges tab in Pride, click create Challenge, choose song from the list and that's it. Then your opponent just need to accept it on the same page where you created it. About the songs: You will be able to use song of your own choice as soon as you win 3 fights on Pride, so fight brave! When youur opponent accepts the challenge you thrown, you will get notification. Head back to the fight's page and check if everything is fine. If it's so click Accept and that's it, Fight is now live!

Some deadlines:

Weekend: Creating Challenges
Monday: Start of all confirmed challenges; MOTW Voting results
Next week Friday: Deadline
Saturday: Fight Results

If you failed to create\upload work before the deadline you get disqualification and one week ban from Pride.

Aight, what's up with the rewards?

We have some! Atm we are giving prize for MOTW which is best work of all Pride works for given week. You can see how big is the prize at the front page of Pride. You can vote for MOTW at the Challenge's page.

Prize for MOTW has the following mathematics: 1 work per pride week = 1.5$.

Example: The week had 3 battles. If all 6 participants get their works done and submitted prize will be 9 dollars. If sponsors donated more than required for this week, the rest of the prize will be held for the next week.


1. Minimal length 30 seconds (excluding intros)
2. Each clip should have MN Pride sponsored intro at the start
3. End of the clip should feature link to Pride page (you can use our titles or create your own)
4. Your work should be uploaded on YouTube and also to any file hosting (MEGA, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)
5. In YouTube's description you should leave link to Fight's page, something like: Yo yo yo, it was work for MN Pride against 1337edit0r322 check it out here: (link right there) (it's just example you dont have to copy)

6. In YouTube's description you should leave link to our Sponsor (http://csgostep.com)
7. There are no before limitations
8. Your work is not obliged to pride only, you can use it also for any other contests or you can make it an appclip
9. If you made it before the next weekends and feel like you are ready for another challenge, you can go and accept one, even tho your current one is not finished yet

Watch out for consequences!