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BG dReaMLike, 25.12.2017
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  • YT Powerteqq 25 Dec 2017 12:10
    yes kaesh miser vidos is)))) fargi feyk is clean, well, I shorter than the dislake you put it, let's not make it more friendly)))) next time it's better to do so until I put 3 balls out of 10 mozhesh better. but in general would go to work, Sedna because of such as you are in the magnet in the queue for 20 minutes standing)))))))))) tgra kaesh 2005 is the same thing)) Th computer does not pull the new?))))))) ))) heh Well, voobshchem give a friend gl in live guy, you are the best in your work! :smiley: The hair of the cache before filming nada wash) stupid copied from yutaba koment brother of the Sorceress
    • US Chet Jong 25 Dec 2017 12:10
      yes .... the mixer's work is kaneshna good, but the fact that many otpisyvayutsya that they expected more is worth a lot .....
      I watched from the side komenty about the trailer now about the movie itself and the participants who idolized all MN muvimeykerov schas frankly on them?
      from behind the aliv ??? the time will pass and you'll again be shouting that the moviemakers are the best of all ???
      as it is possible ..... I do not understand ..... throw from one magnificent work to another ..... Well, all right, this is just my opinion and besides I'm drunk
      oh yeah ..... was our bad now mmd ..... criticism 1 against 10000 many worth it !!!!
      gl in live guy, you are the best in your work!
    • JP Kesteomind 25 Dec 2017 12:11
      Nichyo is not funny in the fact that the wall breaks in the movie, what's wrong with that? The person likes it, the barriers are not terrible, and here physics in general? most apparently do not know what a girl is and what to do with her, everything is shown clearly and clearly, a full-length mini-film with meaning, of course, the percentage of Eugene Mikhalkov is present, but if you compare any movie with alive 2 it will be many times worse, and according to the comments, it counted 100500 virgins, 100500 envious people, but real critics one, and in the dirty dogs movie the author was too lazy to adjust ! fail! aa and by the way add those are already "TUBORG" on the site), although xs can he fight the defaults that are poured here)))
      • RU deanar 25 Dec 2017 12:38
        Added English version in download section.

        P.S. Great movie!
        • CN rshaven 27 Dec 2017 23:25
          Woo~~amazing!!! The transition from CS1.6 to CSGO was great i like it a lot XD
          • CN rshaven 30 Dec 2017 10:16
            guys who's tell me alive 2 08:10 music is....? thanks