MN Pride Sponsored Week

It happens, IT HAPPENS! MovieNations getting a sponsor!

Movienations, in cooperation with CSGOSTEP.COM is launching a sponsored fight of pride with the prize of 50 dollars. Yes, we will be giving away 50 dollars in prize, for the movie made in 2 weeks, you are right. Week number 14, challenges can be thrown on 1st and 2nd of april. Results will be on the april 14th.

Since it is sponsored fight we are changing some rules:
NEW INTRO - Everyone who is participating in sponsored fight should be using intro which promotes our sponsor. You can find the link on Pride's FAQ.

LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION - Yes this too. Put a link of into description of your video. All your desc are belong to us.

Full list of rules can be found on the Prides Faq page, consider checking em before participating, if u dont want to get disqualified in the last moment. It would be a shame for you and a sad moment for us ):

If you dont know Pride is at all... well yea, just visit the FAQ page. Quite helpful page isnt it? . In case you still have some questions, you can send IM to barabulyko or join us in Discord. Good luck, and we will be looking forward for your participation in upcoming Pride fights!