Movienations Upgrade: Comments v2.0

It's alive! And its not 2nd part of Russia mixep's movie but still those are some great news!

Many people were unhappy with the way the comments are. Inability to edit, no proper view of the big discussions and many other things. For the past few months our greatest CEO Russia deanar been working on new version of comments and finally he finished em and we are happy to present you: MN Comments v2.0!

The following is the brief changelog on what we brought with this upgrade:
- Nested comments system.
- Ability to edit comment within 10 minutes after you posted it.
- Sort comments by date (Newest, Oldest) and Rating (Best, Worst).
- Change comments section language without reloading page.
- Link to a chosen comment.

In nearest feature there will be thread minimization function, picture attaching and so on. If you find any bugs, or you think we need to add something else, or you have thought on tweaking current features of MN, please, share your thought down in the brand new comments section (: And as always, stay tuned!