Chet Jong: work experience Na`Vi

Na'Vi story continues.

Today another user of our website, Russia Chet Jong, decided to tell us about his work experience with Natus Vincere.

His words:

So, finally the story about me making the video for Na'Vi ended.

It all started in the end of April and ended only now (well, almost ended).

At first Vladislav "kRRR" Corel ordered a video for Na`Vi channel. I was done with this video on 23 May. He said that the money will be send in something around 20th of June and then he started ignoring me.

Later, in something around 20th of June I was contacted by Vitaly Tarasov (Ukraine sCOPe) and he said that it was a misunderstanding and he will solve this problem. He "forced" kRRR, who gave me an invoice template, so I filled out the invoice. Also, sCOPe said that the video will be published at the end of July.

At the end of July the money was recieved, but there was a problem with publishing the video. I contacted Vitaly, and he said that the channel is currently engaged by the other person and that he will give my contacts to him and he will solve this issue. After a few days we "reached out" this man. It was Egor "fuRy" Morin.

He said: "We'll publish the video at the end of this month or at beginning of the next month."

On the question "Why so late?" he replied: "Because the other person engaged the channel, who did not publish any video or delayed their publishing."

So, we are waiting for the end of August, or early September, the fragmovie about "flamie", which absolutely does not worth the time wasted on it.

Personally, I absolutely do not like working with Na`Vi, at least with their department of Video Productions. One man "does" his job, another one need to "force" the first guy, 3rd guy was replaced, etc. Maybe I was just unlucky, and I got into "bad times". But I still advise you not to mess with them if you do not have the same patience as me.

Money is received, the video will be released in the late August / early September. But is it worth it?

Fragmovie is 100% is not worth these 3 month of waiting. So it goes...

  • FR D[A]rk 07 Aug 2016 08:11
    I worked once for Na'Vi and I've been paid in time.
    However, compared to this situation, I've received the invoice template before starting to work on the edit.
    I only think I worked a little bit too much for the amount paid but the experience was nice, I asked kRRR tickrates from the demos etc... and he gave them to me without question.
    I guess you weren't lucky :/
    I never regretted working for Na'Vi and this is a thing I can't say about others gaming organizations (I don't include ESL because ESL is certainly the best organization/company to work for in video gaming editing) ^^
    • ZZ Barabulyko 07 Aug 2016 12:47
      Than you are very lucky, since it's not the first time when MN members get in trouble with Na'Vi ):