Meet a new MovieNations team member, brilliant Dota 2 moviemaker from Belarus 4fun.
You may know him from the movies like The WingsThe Origin and Final Battle 2.


Georgy Glau: Hi! Introduce yourself to those who aren't familiar with you and tell us about yourself.
4fun: Hello. My name is Anatoly. I'm 22 and I living in Belarus. I study on metallurgist.
Georgy Glau: You are known to all as a Dota-moviemaker. Did you have a sample of other games? Why you stopped on Dota?
4fun: It's a long story..
Recently I started with Counter-Strike 1.6. I had no internet but had a small LAN for a 20 people.
That's when I learned Fraps (with limit of 30 FPS) and Windows Moviemaker. My first clips were about myself of course. Later I had Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, but then it was not serious, there was no one to show except my friends.

In general, I quit it, learned Warcraft III map-editor and started making videos on its engine. Many people even liked. After finishing 2nd year college, I become seriously sick, had to take a sabbatical. Got a lot of free time. By this time I had long stopped playing CS and started play Dota. Then there was a desire to do a Dota-clip. Knowledge of the WC3 map editor, which was made first Dota, really helped to stand out. I received a lot of positive feedback inspired to continue.
There was another video of the game Rage of Titans for the contest, which was conducted MovieNations and Gamenet, where I took 2nd place.

Georgy Glau: I know that you are a moviemaker of Na`Vi team. How long have you been doing this? I think many moviemakers wondering how it is beneficial to work in esports organization?
4fun: Yes, I've been working with them since August 2012. At first mainly as a highlights-maker, but gradually switched to full movies. As they say, money does not happen much, but basically, I was happy with everything.
Georgy Glau: Now you will be in our team too. I can see on our website that your account set up as many as in 2007, you are the sort of old man in our community. Tell me how you came to us?
4fun: To be honest, I don't even remember how I got to you, but it was earlier than the date of registration.
I read some 3ds Max tutorials, if my memory serves me. I have not exactly been doing the movies in August 2007, what I signed up then a mystery to me :)
I went back in 2011, so I like an old man, and like a pretty new community member :)
Georgy Glau: What do you think about DotA-moviemaking scene? I'm not really versed in Dota, and truly outstanding movie clips on this game, I saw very little (your clips are some of them). What can you say about this? Maybe I should broaden my horizons or really creative movie clips on Dota are scarcity?
4fun: Everything is very bad. They really deficit. There are several reasons in my opinion:
1. Dota 2 is not present in the good tools for moviemakers. Even the most minimal – camera control.
There is a buggy command that allows to rotate the camera, with its ability to move off.
2. Commerce kills creativity. Everyone wants to cash in on it.
For example, to make Highlight takes a few hours, most of which goes to watch the game.
On Na`Vi channel it quietly gaining 50-70k views at short notice.
The creation of The Origin took me a couple of months, now there are about 300k views. It isn't profitable from a material point of view.
By the way, Natus Vincere in this respect fellows, they try to diversify media content, not making some Highlights.
3. Clips produced a huge amount, and when something unusual comes from unknown authors, it just gets lost in a pile of debris.
I don't think anything much will change in the near future.

Georgy Glau: Yeah, sad situation. Which clips do you like the most and from what games?
4fun: I look mostly just Dota and CS movies, because I don't play anything else. 
First of all, I pay attention to the design, effects, etc., and the last on the frags, probably because they can not be surprised.
Georgy Glau: What are your plans for the clips, is there any specific projects what can we expect in the near future?
4fun: There are a few ideas. Now I am engaged Movie Scene on the history of one of the heroes of Dota 2. 
Also there are a couple of thoughts on the second part of The Origin.
Georgy Glau: Thanks for the interview, I wish you good luck!
4fun: Thanks.
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