DuReX interview

Recently DuReX made ​​a useful program CoD4 Demo Manager.It allows you to sort, view, cut CoD4 demos, as well as change some of the demos. We contacted the author and interviewed him.

Hello, introduce yourself please.
Hi, my name is Marco aka DuReX aka BrokenKondom (pls don't ask why this nickname, it's too embarassing :P ), i'm 21 and i live in Rome, Italy.
I study software engineering at university and sometimes i help my brother with his work (he is a freelancer software developer) and he helps me back with my studies.
Why you decide to make Demo Manager for CoD4 because I think it's not a secret for all that the game is dying.
The story is that last year i wanted to watch a demo i recorded time ago, but i found it really hard to find a particular demo between tens of demo0001 and demo0002 ones...
I searched internet for an already made tool to quickly look into demo files but i didn't find it. One day i accidentally downloaded the Quake 3 engine source code (because it is free, not because i'm a hacker :D ), COD4 engine is based on the Q3 one so having the original source code in a monitor and an HEX editor in the other, i found the cod4 demo files encoding scheme. In origin Demo Manager was a little tool i made for me, with a raw and unusable user interface, until this year when my brother gave me an old Delphi licence. Delphi lets you make nice UIs quickly and easily so i decided to make Demo Manager public, the new versions are coming out because i'm receiving a lot of cool improvement suggestions by people.
I'm happy to keep work on it because i'm using this as practice for school, i never planned to make money with this tool so if COD4 dies and Demo Manager dies.... Amen!
Are there any plans to do something similar for other games?
I never planned anything in my life, i don't even know what i will do next afteroon, so i can't answer this question :P
They added a cool integrated demo manager in MW3 and BO2 tho.
How long does it take to write such programs?
Not so much, first version was done in less than 2 weeks at 1 hour a day.
Did you try to write in some game companies? For example Treyarch took a guy who was doing CODTV. 
I already received a job proposal from N.A.S.A. and C.I.A. but i declined both because i need to finish my studies now :D
Seriously, making videogames isn't a bad job for the future, good for the CODTV guy, but i doubt they will call me just because i made CoD4 Demo Manager....
Thanks for answers, bye!
Thanks for your questions, cya!
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