GameKuba Spring Movie Contest

GameKuba Spring Movie Contest

1. Prizes:   
1st place: 200$ + CW Server (12 slots; 1 month)
2nd place: 100$ + CW Server (12 сslots; 1 month)
3rd place: 30$ + CW Server (12 slots; 1 month)
top10: 3$ from into the game account.

2. Carrying out terms:
2.1. Delivery of works: June, 1st 2010 – June, 26th 2010
2.2. Voting: July, 4th 2010 – July, 11th 2010
2.3. The announcement of winners: July, 12th 2010

3. Requirements for competitive works:
3.1. Minimum duration: 3 minutes. Maximum duration: 10 minutes (NOT including sponsor's intro).
3.2. In the beginning of the movie there should be intro, given by the competition organisation. Given intro should not be changed or added.
3.3. There should be easily readable name of the movie.
3.4. Video should have aspect 16:9 / 16:10.

3.6 You shouldnt release your movie before 4th july

4. Voting for and defining winners:
4.1. The winner will be defined on the sum of jury votes and public voting. At first jury voting by secret ballot it will be defined топ10 competition. Later the popular ballot in the week to decide the winner.

5. An archive with the movie should contain:
1) movie
2) 8 screenshots
3) text doc*
4) the used music (not important)

* the text document should contain the following:
1) the movie name
2) the author(s)
3) Duration
4) the codec
5) the resolution
6) the size
7) contacts
8) any other information

6. All works should be sent on mail
6.1. The letter theme should contain the name "GameKuba Spring Movie Contest.

Download intro
Download demos



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