Send your demos to CRISTO

We are pleased announe the first in 2010 project from Movienations
More inside news.
CRISTO :  "Hey, what's up?!  Guys, I need your demos. As a rule,  I dont ask you any insane moments, but i need just beautiful  frags - airshots, doubles, triples - in general i think you undestand me. You should upload somewhere your archive with demo and txt file (preferably or and send me link by mail or  or send me link by private message.
In txt file should be:
1) time of the moment - 66:66:66
2)nickname ingame - I <3 Pray
3)real nickname - cheb
4)hltv or ineye demo
5)protocol 47/48
6)any other infermation that you'd like report me)
Thx you for your attention, Happy new year!

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