Illusion Pictures 2009 Movie Contest

Today, all the signed movies from Illusion pictures 2009 Movie Contest have been publicized and 2 our members participate in it: cheb and Oui.

30 videos have been sent. 5 of them were disqualified due to breaking of rules.
At this moment all movies are available on stream, download mirrors will be after completion of contest.

So, our movies:
Shadows of the past by cheb.
chocolate by Oui

All other movies is here.

What do you need to do that to vote for your favorite movie:
Register at the site.
2) Go to
vote page and choose one best movie.

The voting ends at 25th october (also judges will vote during this period), results of the contest are going to be announced at 28th october.
Thanks for your vote, we appreciate your support.

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