In MovieNations join 5 members from Elegato crew.

1st place @ Dell Games Mini Video Contest.
Movies: Mr. Bassman Goes Hunting!

2nd place @ Illusion Pictures best atmosphere based movie contest.
2nd place @ nEophyte moviemaking Cup
Movies: Forsaken Polish Titans, Oui hardcorE is Over, Oui Cold Autumn и Lollipops.

2nd place @ Best Damn Movie Contest: Round One.
2nd place @ Dell Games Mini Video Contest.
Style-Productions Meda Award
Game Movie Awards 2008 - Best Cut/Effects
Game Movie Awards 2008 - Best Innovation
Game Movie Awards 2008 - Users Choice Movie of the Year 2008
Movies: HUSH и era.

Style-Productions Media Award
Movies: Break The Rules, Breakdown и The Pink Panther.

Movies: I am slize, easyBEn, chase project, Fx vs UNITED, slize comes to life.

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