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Long awaited news

Two months ago we anounced a new project. And due to my lazyness im posting it in english only today. Once again im sorry to keep you waiting, but hey like the song said,  life is life. Ok back to the project. Without any hype feeling im just gonna tell you that this project will be a big step for moviemaking and cybersport in general. This project can't be called a "moviemaking movie". Nobody did anything like this before. Now here's the details.

MovieNations are proud to present you, a documetary movie about one of the best source clans in Russia - SVN. Besides the actual documentary, there will be a story line attached to it and it would organicly blend with the original footage. So it wont be boring for anybody, even if your a source hater and don't know anything about theese guys!

The actual plot will be spinning around a secret organization that fights virtual crime. SVN will face lots of tests and metamorphosises, but no more telling, soon there will be more updates about this project. Stay tuned. And while your waiting, here's some concepts made by our lovely man - sMw.

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And hey, by the time i started translating this "project news", there was an update about its status :) So your kinda lucky, getting a second dish for free. So the  update is current, i mean it actualy happend yesterday, so this time its geniune and 100% on time newspost! So here we go.


 The Update #1

 So after two months passing by, the preproduction has been finished and do you know what that meens? Well basicly we rock, but on the second hand, it meens that all of the scenario, scripts, keyframes, concepts has been completed and await the production phase. The production phase meens that we actualy ready for shooting the movie, so thats great and thats all going to happen in the end of this month. And thats not all, in middle\end of march we will be launching an internet page where you get to see the actual trailer to this movie, plus lots of goodies, like backstage footage of us filming this this, well... the groundbracking movienations realese in history of moviemaking, and i dont mean headshots the movie! And for now here's a project page at our site, where you can find all the updates, before we make a site for this project. clickie 


  • sMw on 15.02.2008
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