The final countdown of Mazd and more

Sorry my lazy ass for not posting this earlier, i was pretty busy, and only now i've got my free time.

Let's start off a MovieNations release - a Counter-Strike:Source movie from our creativeman F1rSt_nK. This is a short promo vid about skilled player maZd. His team stmt reached TOP8 at CS:Source Open LAN #1 2 weaks ago, organized by one of our best parther - multigaming portal

We created a Counter-Strike 1.6 team, fully based on our moviemaking team. So if you want to play a clanwar with our moviemakers and to know how skilled we are (lol, are we actually?), simply contact with us at our ofiicial irc channel. (#MovieNations @ Also we got a new partner, who gives to us our CS1.6 private server, - site

And in the end i want to thank and to show my respect to administrations of portals and Briefly i will tell, what happened: some "clever" man (don't remember his "aka") posted at these portals our Asus Promo Movie, but cutted MovieNations' adverting off, added his own and renamed the movie. Admins knew up about it, and the offender was punished.

And' newsmakers even made the newspost about it -

Thank you, guys! We very appreciate it!

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