2 new movies

Got hungry for any news and movies from MovieNations? Alright, we have something today. It's 2 new Counter-Strike movies.

The first one is a movie by  Hazard, featuring random players from ASUS Autumn 2006. The movie has nice sync, good editing and great frags. You can download the movie here: Autumn Apocalypse.  


The second is also linked with ASUS, rather, with people who is organizing ASUS series and many other tournaments and cups in Russia - a cybersport portal www.cyberfight.ru. Our 4 guys clutch5, sMw, berkut and Ghost, who had been cooperated since Insane Players 2 movie's production, had a very short time to create movie (almost 11 full days). They hurried up, but they did in time. Asus promo movie as always you can find in our movie-database. The movie has 2 versions: an original and MovieNations edition. The last one is in the mirrors.


Go download, watch and rate 'em!
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