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The german-based gaming video portal  Planet-Videos announced the winners in the contest "Planet-Videos.com Game Movie Awards 2006".

And the winners are:

Counter Strike:
»» Best Video: Mourning Walls Collapse
»» Best Content: Mourning Walls Collapse
»» Best Cut/Effects: Mourning Walls Collapse
»» Best Sound: Jaegarn X - The Revenge
»» Best Innovation: Mourning Walls Collapse

Movies-participants: Dreamscape 2 Beta, The unsigned hype - Teaser, Team 3D - Lost Tape, Hostile Records - One Life Clan, Mourning Walls Collapse, Sahara Sunrise 2, Jaegarn X - The Revenge.

Quake III:
»» Best Video: Event Horizon 2
»» Best Content: Event Horizon 2
»» Best Cut/Effects: Unity and Anti-Conformist
»» Best Sound: Unity
»» Best Innovation: Anti-Conformist

Movies-participants: Unity, Clautthaj Jhana, Anti-Conformist, Event Horizon 2.

Call of Duty 2:
»» Best Video: The Dark Prophecy
»» Best Content: The Dark Prophecy
»» Best Cut/Effects: The End of Days
»» Best Sound: The End of Days
»» Best Innovation: The Dark Prophecy

Movies-participants: Velvet - The Rise, Decerto, The End of Days, The Dark Prophecy.

»» Best Video: Made on Mars
»» Best Content: Made on Mars and RGB
»» Best Cut/Effects: Made on Mars
»» Best Sound: Made on Mars
»» Best Innovation: Made on Mars

Movies-participants: UT04: Versus, UT04: Finnish it, Doom III: Made on Mars, ET: One4One - Decimated, DoW: Redemption, BF2: Topgear - The BF2 Parody, M: RGB, RL: The Site of Crime.

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