A-Gaming team trailer by MovieNations

Today we are glad to present you our gift to our partner, A-Gaming.ru. This trailer to their upcoming movie, made by one of our crew members, blip.

Here are some author's credits:

"Hi all! My name is Ilya, i am 19, live and study in Donetsk, Ukraine.

I am carried away with moviemaking for about 2 years. Progressing in my hobby, i always looked on the other moviemakers, was it well-known Zaknafein, or somebody else.

I hope, i am really got the best from them and added something new from myself.

Some words about the movie, the release of what is set on the february of this year: an idea of the creation movie for this team was given by my good friend from A-Gaming team, mind`of`dead. And it's clearily, that i did agree.

A bit later i joined the moviemakers crew, MovieNations, today's A-Gaming partner.

I really want to thank deanar, Nemesis, SERSHANT, berkut and other my crewmates from MovieNations for their help and support. And my good friend Ghost, who is a pretty known moviemaker also, who lives in France now.

And, of course, special thanks Anya "MIU" Danilyak, a team A-Gaming manager, and a capitan Andriy "B1ad3" Gorodensky for their patience. Hope, this present is worthy of such great team, as Amazing Gaming".

The team's feadback:

"We are amazed of the trailer. Nice movie-image, bright music, great tittles, interesting effects, the feeling of intrigue.. Now we have a terrible wish to see the movie. Hope, the fragpart of the movie will be also great!"

Download A-Gaming team trailer.

Russian newspost: Nemesis

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