F8 Clan Episode 2

I suggest our readers to pay attention to another great movie, new year's first days have given to us. I am talking about   F8 Clan Episode 2, a movie of a well-known in the Quake Railers community Quake 3 Arena clan Fate. These guys are  specializing in a very unpopular and exotic for our quake3-gaming battlefileds excessive and instaunlagged Quake3 mods.

The movie is made in have been became standard High Definition resolution (1270x720) and the quality is just best i have ever seen, including such great movies of Shaolin Productions, like Cattuthaj Jhana and Unity. 50 frames per second, the power of x264 and the video rendering technology of Lyon Connection movie are mixed - the movie quality is amazed deep into the heart, you should dounload this movie at least for that, through frags and editing are also at a very high level.

Download F8 Clan Episode 2 Movie!

Russian newspost: [7]Raven

Translation and edition: rampa

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