News Feed: Update

During the past weeks we fixed many bugs and added many backdoor features in our most recent upgrade the News feed. But we weren't only doing the hidden stuff we also made something for you to see, something which would again make us closer to become social network.

Now the News Feed is different for each other. Your feed is now truly yours.
Apart from everything you saw in the feed before you now get to see the wall posts of the people you are friends with or subscribed to. 

We will recommend to start with adding  deanar to friends, he will be posting a lot of technichal nuances about the website on his wall. 

The way subscribe\friends work is quite simple. Send a request to become a friend on the desired friend's page. If the person is kind enough he will accept the request and viola! you made yourself a friend. If the person doesnt know you and dont really feel like getting closer - he will ignore it or decline it, thus making you a subscriber.

Stay tuned as there is as always more to come!

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