Winners of MN Pride Summer Season

As you already know (we hope) 3 best duelists should have been rewarded by the end of the Summer Season. And the reward was the huge amount of money - 13000 rub. 
However we have the following situation: 2 duelists have 4 stars and 2 duelists have 3 stars, which makes it 4 competitors instead of 3. 

We deicded to add some more cash and split it equally between winners.

Now we have 14.000 rub and duelists claim the rewards according to amount of their stars. 4 stars - 4000 rubles and 3 starts - 3000 rubles.

Russia JAIZER - 4,000 rub.
LV BUKA - 4,000 rub.
Russia DimEye - 3,000 rub.
United States Dnsqe - 3,000 rub.

Congratulations to the winners! We hope it was enjoyable to participate and fun to watch (: Stay tuned for more news coming soon because we got some for you (: