Movie profile editing

We are happy to announce that a feature you all been waiting and asking for so long is finally here. Movie profile editing.

As you probably already know, back in the days after you submit the movie you couldn't change a bit of information about it in its profile. Those dark days are gone now!

Now you can edit the movie that you have just submitted to the website. Even if you are not the its actual creator. Whenever the actual author is set as creator of this movie, since then only he can change the movie profile. 

So how do I edit? Quite simple, mate. Just get on the movie page and click button EDIT below. Ez.

You can change movie name, author's name, studio, contest and both descriptions (RU\EN). We advice to our foreign friends to not use the google translator as the source of appropriate Russian translation. Please, leave to other active users of the website (:

We hope to see better information about movies in desc from now on!