MN Pride: Reload

Recently Pride drastically lost in audience. So drastically that we remembered the name of those who'v been fighting for past 3 weeks and now we just greet em everytime on Friday even before they create a challenge. That is veri veri bed situation. So we thought we gotta do something with it. Closing Pride at all wont grow its audience so we decided that we will spice up things. Next best option in spicing things up after memes is obviously money. So here is the deal:

1. Every MOTW now gets 1000 rubles. Convert the money to your own currency via Google (or whatever else you like most). 

2. Everyone can participate on Pride on every topic they want, be it game or anime, or extreme sports video, whatever you want just find an opponent! Consider starting topics on Forums to find an enemy.

3. The more you fight the more you receive! If amount of hype and views will increase significantly we will consider raising up the prise. The better you do now, the more you will get next week. 

4. As many ppl requested we are now implementing smart system to watch out for those who are getting votes in unfair ways. Beware!

We hope you will like new Pride and will call for arms ur friends and enemies. Speaking for plebs, fight like a real man!