MovieNations: New Year 2017 Contest!

"Finally! MovieNations contest! What you mean, not MN #4?!"

Ho ho ho! Hello fellas! This year has been very good for MN, we made a lot of things we wanted and there are even more to come, that we described in 11 years anniversary article and it feels so good to be back on the trail that we decided to celebrate it. Long story short, at the November 28 the idea of MN New Year contest was born, at the November 29 everything was filmed, at the November 30 everything was written and viola - contest is live!

You can find all the contest details on its own page here or watch video about the contest here. Even tho we were short on the time we did everything we wanted and so should you. Only one month for contest so hurry up! Check the rules and go, create something that will claim the first place. Make this New Year special for us!

MN New Year 2017 Contest