Achievement unlocked!

As many of you have noticed already (who am I trying to trick noone did...) few weeks ago we shipped achievements update to website. Russian part of MN immediately got hyped over it so we had to rework their visual part almost immediately since it's got way too much attention. Now as we polished it, added some more and translated them we are happy to announce them for EN part aswell!

Achievements are divided in 2 types: Unlockable and Unique.
Unloackable can be aquired through the time being on MN and in moviemaking in general. Post comments, battle Prides, put likes on video, win contests and you will earn em!
Unique achievements are distributed personally. We usualy give them away by our own judgements.

Achievements are updated every hour, so if you posted 500th comment and you havnt got achievement for that - wait a little bit (:
Some of them are not droping automatically, so if you think you are missing one dont hesitate to contact us to give it to you. Here you can find full list of those which are not unique.

So go, check profiles and find out who is good at what! Who's holding that AWESOME achievement of Movie Girl and who is the true Contest Destroyer. Find them all!

p.s. If you have a suggestion about achievements share it in comments, we will be reading them (:

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