We Are Heroic by Barabulyko

Another team forms standalone organisation on the fields of competitive CS. What will they bring to the scene?

Our member RU Barabulyko decided to greet their coming with movie. Enjoy!

  • RU Georgy Glau 13 Sep 2016 16:18
    Song added to description :P
    • ZZ Moody 13 Sep 2016 16:01
      Where is ithe music from? Reminds me of the cod4 reveal trailer back in 2007.. sweet jesus.
      • ZZ Moody 13 Sep 2016 16:01
        I feel like this edit could've been so much better. Because the music is fucking intense. And why always train?
        • ZZ Barabulyko 13 Sep 2016 16:13
          Here is the song; Full Tilt (Saga) - Good Day To Die
          Always train because I only got train demos, lol.
          And the edit was proposed more as a highlight because people tend to miss frags even in highlights :/
          • ZZ Moody 13 Sep 2016 16:17
            Barabulyko, Thank you for the song :) I don't mean it would need more vfx, editing etc. I actually like that it is quite clean. But especially on later frags the flow lacks the empathizing action and tension which is created by the music.
            • ZZ Barabulyko 13 Sep 2016 16:21
              I understand what you are talking about pal, but if I'd raise it higher to keep with the tempo people would whine too much, and I wanted to show frags not start holywar in the comments
              • ZZ Moody 13 Sep 2016 16:26
                Barabulyko, if you say so. When it is totally something you wanted to do there is no reason to critize on this aspect. It's a solid edit.
                • ZZ Barabulyko 13 Sep 2016 16:30
                  Thanks pal :D Glad you understood my point, not much people can get others opinion ^^
        • BG Molen 09 Sep 2016 12:50
          The green screen was not necessary, without it it would have been better. And the 3d text ACE on train as well. Other than that good shit, bro!
        • ZZ Barabulyko 06 Sep 2016 16:10
          Dat moment when people appreciate your works and it's been a long since you did so...
          • RU Georgy Glau 06 Sep 2016 16:08