Impegz and Quake chapter II

With the death of promod, many of the moviemakers gave it up and left our community for a better hobby\work. Yet some great or may I say grand moviemakers decided to stay and switch to something else. And one of those guys was Impegz.

Maybe his choice of Quake Live may seem weird to you but hey have you watched the movie? When I first took a glimpse on it I was completly captured by movie. During the movie I had many questions and the biggest one was HOW with many variations. Right after the end I had a strong wish to download the Quake and try it myself. To catch the railgun's projectiles with my own face to fail the rocket jump many times and whine that strafing was easier. If you have the same feelings afterwards than I am pretty much sure that Impegz is doing hell of a great job.

But enough of insignificant talks. Just watch it yourself and you will understand (:

  • ZZ Moody 19 Aug 2016 06:51
    I thought this deserves a comment. It's a rock solid movie with very good music :)