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GOAL #1: $100 (1st of December)
GOAL #2: $150 (1st of December)
GOAL #3: $210 (13th of December)
GOAL #4: $280

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming.

It's been a long since we hosted a contest, so we decided to start with a small one. Short glimpse on a calendar, and here goes MN New Year Contest 2017! But there goes some obstacles on our course. MN is completely volunteer project, and we don't earn any money with it at the moment, making it hard for us to host contests and support MN pride prizes. Thus we decided to make this contest get crowd funded. If you feel like giving someone a present for new year but don't know who, let the editing decide who is worthy (= We aim to give a present to everyone rather then gifting everything to top3 so donate even one dollar!

This page is created just to represent financial status of a contest. Contest page with rules and deadlines is here.

If this works out, we may try this for MN Contest #4!

Raise the prize fund:

PayPal: [email protected]
MasterCard: 5469 3800 2579 7753

Sponsors (thank you!):

Germany ripieces: $20
Czech Republic AnarChyy: $20
Russia James: $17.5
China EDW: $16
Russia w1Cked: $16
Russia deanar: $16
Russia Georgy Glau: $16
Russia Barabulyko: $16
RU sMw: $16
Russia cheb: $16
RU Kesteomind: $10
Lithuania JaCobb: $10
Russia DimaZet: $7
RU Chet Jong: $6
RU nkt: $3
Russia Contrastniy: $3
Russia st7yle: $3
United Kingdom Vasilisa: $0.8
Russia Lank1z: $0.5
Russia Gideos: $0.2

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