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Call of Duty 4
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RU Georgy Glau, 27.09.2017
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Dedication to the ones i love

Hello people i just woke up and i dont really know what to say

This is a project i started in july just after i came back from italy (storytime lol). Turin is such a nice city. The total travel time was around 12hours so you guess that i tried to find things to do to not being bored. I was listening to the same songs again and again, especially Lana Del Rey. I felt in love with Carmen and this piano piece at the end always intrigued me (thats why there s those references in the intro).
Classical music is relaxing to listen. I was like hey why not editing on this song (thats what i say with almost every songs i listen to, and the reason of all my scraps).
I wanted to do something really quick but i didnt finish it before i leave again. So it was a scrap but recently i decided to rework on it and it looks so much better than it was before, pretty proud of it :)
I think thats all so enjoy my work ! et on dit merceeeee heeeiinn

It is not minecraft music plzz
Entry To Koriqzia's 3K Sub Editing Contest https://goo.gl/Fq5egX
Meth's $100 Editing Contest https://youtu.be/Rs64WZEOno0

Application to Venexa Arts mh
DL link : https://mega.nz/#!apkQ3BxQ!4d4utxSiLUBNyOQl4rxMYgrTyzFPP61wGqHWIce5PgY

Song : Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1
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