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In Real Life Movie
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RU deanar, 18.09.2007
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This is the first episode of three of my new "animated" series, "Style vs Chillside". It's my first attempt EVER at anything to do with animation, and I didn't bother learning Flash so...paint ftw!

The work is VERY crude and made mostly in MS Paint. This is of course intentional in order to make everything look more stupid, as every character is made fun of. Also, my main focus was CONTENT the entire time, so I don't really care about the execution, and I don't think you will either.

I hope you enjoy! Next episode will be out probably in 2 weeks.
The episodes are:
1 - The Discovery
2 - Leads and Precautions
3 - The Revelation

PS: Premiere decided the crash repeatadly, and I had alot of trouble getting it rendered. When it finally worked, it decided to ignore a layer, thus rendering half the movie useless. Therefore, until I can fix this, I'm showing you a BETA! It's quality is a bit lower, and there are a few bugs. However this beta is roughly 97% finished so it shouldn't be a problem, most of the changes made are near-invisible. When the final version is done I'll give you a link :)

The respected teams work on their latest projects, seemingly without problems. Suddenly, Chillside stumbles upon an unknown discovery which they are certain will put all other movies to shame! Style must found out what it is, or else...IT'S ON!
members from STYLE and CHILLSIDE