Counter-Strike: GO
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HU mauser, 15.08.2016
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Вкратце, я хотел сделать что-нибудь, чтобы быть более активным, как раньше. Мне кажется, MovieNations – единственное комьюнити, которое до сих пор активно, так что я решил сделать апп-клип\мувик, называйте как хотите. Я думаю, MovieNations – великое комьюнити с великими людьми, и я хотел бы представлять мои будущие работы под их флагом.

Мувик включает в себя мои любимые фраги\моменты с турнира ESL One Cologne 2016.

Продолжаю пытаться экспериментировать с разными стилями, но надеюсь, вы, ребята, насладитесь этим роликом. Спасибо за просмотр!

Музыка: Limp Bizkit - The Story
Long story short I wanted to edit something as I want to get more active just like before. I feel like MovieNations is the only community that is still active so I made an application clip/movie, call it however you want. I think MovieNations is a great community with great people and on the other hand I could present my upcoming works under their flag.

The movie is about my favorite frags/actions from ESL One Cologne 2016.

Still trying to experiment with different styles, but hope you guys will enjoy this edit. Thanks for watching.

Music: Limp Bizkit - The Story
  • ZZ Moody 17 Aug 2016 19:33
    This is some rock solid work for me. Putting the nicknames before each frag is a very specific taste though.
    • ZZ Barabulyko 17 Aug 2016 20:37
      "very specific taste" politeness lvl80 :D
      I agree with you, tho I believe it's a good idea to try and accept the outcome (: Not many people capable of doing such risky things for an appclip ^^
    • JP Kesteomind 17 Aug 2016 21:09
      • RU Georgy Glau 15 Aug 2016 23:52
        Putting nicknames before each moment it's a bad idea, overall it's good, oldschoolish.
        • HU mauser 16 Aug 2016 00:38
          Georgy Glau, Indeed, many people have disliked it so far, so I guess I couldn't really realize what I really wanted to achieve with this, but at least I have learnt from this mistake. Also have to involve more people into the making of the movie so I will not make a mistake like this and similiar stuff gets pointed out. I know that I am capable of doing more (based on some of my older works) and I will try to achieve it, but I still want to incorporate it in fresh and new style what I have always like and wanted to create
        • GB Vasilisa 15 Aug 2016 23:38
          It's cool and pleasant to watch, hope to see more movies and some improvements :)
          • JP Kesteomind 15 Aug 2016 20:13
            • JP panace4. 15 Aug 2016 18:37
              oldschool feeling