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RU Dise play, 25.12.2019
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After like a year and a half since NEVERMORE was released, today I am proud to say that I'm done working on NEVERMORE 2, the second part for Apel's Fever Dream weapon collection! I started this project over a year ago, sometime around late November 2017 if I'm correct (maybe some of you remember the streams), but the project was developing really slowly until February 2018, when I stopped working on it because I needed to focus on client work. Unfortunatelly I was promising to make this video on stream, but clearly that didn't happen. Mostly due to the fact that I didn't want to spoil the scenes I was creating and I wanted everyone to feel like they are watching it for the first time. (however I did use the scenes that I started on stream.) I "re-started" to work on it sometime around mid November 2018, but I ran into a lot of hardware limitations which forced me to buy a new rig. I actively continued working around December 2018, and pretty much since then I have been working on it "daily". I have to say I am very pleased with how it turned out, altho some scenes could be improved, but I think it was time to be done with it and just upload it. I am planning on making a breakdown of this video, so stay tuned for that (and I will be streaming that for sure!) Something that I have to do is give a massive shoutout to BKY & DopedGirl for doing the sound design for the whole video, I linked BKY's channel and SoundCloud profile below so be sure to check him out!
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