Candy ENG

"My new project is called 'Candy' because is sweet like all my movies. Always I have crazy, innovative ideas and this time isn't different.
The most important thing for me in Counter-Strike was fun. I don't play anymore but entertainment which brings me CS isn't over. Moviemaking for me beside the passion is also fun therefore I decided to make something new with 'happy look'. This time you won't see fail actions like in 'Lollipops' but don't be sad! Lollipops2 is coming soon!
There was a lot of work with many programs to do that but I'm proud of what I've done. You can see it on the two screens that I want to show you and a bonus! - photo of a project with my drawings. I can't show you any trailer because this movie is a project for a contest (AMD Minimovie contest) and distribution of trailers isn't allowed. But I can like organizers written on their site 'spreading the word' so stay tuned! 'Candy' in the end of this month"
 - Bartlomiej "Oui" Otlowski

"That will be epic I think! Can't wait!" - Rihards "kendo" Dobelis
"It's an interesting idea, with some simple & great modifications which where never used before. I hope it will looks as entertaining in motion as it looks in the screens." - Pavelas "kab" Laptevas
"It looks awesome and truly original. Hopefully the final release will match the anticipation behind the screenshots." - Espen "Zaknafein" Sjoberg
"Fucking niceeeee!! I love it." - Drazen "Raven" Buncic

  • MMd on 02.01.2010
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