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Well, i just wanted to say, that this newspost would have been much more longer then atm it is, if i would already complete my studings in my institute (is what i am doing now). Anyway it does not matter, as you are coming here not to read big and boring articles, but to download some new cool movies - yeah, i am going to tell you about its :) Also check out the amazing banners, made up by our crewmates sMw and SOM.

Beyond the Invisible - new movie by our newest teammate VadoskiN about Counter-strike clan Believe in Force from Belorussia. VadoskiN have been producing it for a very long time and finally the movie is really nice!

As MMd writes by himself, after a well-passed exam he had: 1) great feelings; 2) free time for a movie; 3) few fresh ideas and amazing song. So he decide to make a movie about himself. Soi vs MMd - his latest and probably one of the best releases.

I have already told you about this vid. So there is not so much to add: the main goal of the project was to create a movie about best russian source players, the creators didn't want to show big names or smthg. The biggest criterion been the beauty of the frag.
3 famous russian source moviemakers were working under this project - F1rSt_nK, DYADya and Podo. Everyone had his own vision on the fragmovie, so the movie have been got very various, anyway it didn't ruin the movie, otherwise the movies even looks much more better. This is certainly one of the best russian source movie.
ruSource  <- (don't miss the link :) )

Nice poster, isn't it? Anyway the movie is produced by butch. He had been a Crazy-Glock prod member for a very long time, but then switched to MovieNations. This is his first and i have to admit pretty nice movie in our team. So...  here is it :) Feelings on will.

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