onepointsix by Crzfst

Finally from the depths of the Style Productions something have been born. In my honest opinion the title have been chosen very well, it can't be the other way when the famous german master is improvising. I have to credit Style, as it's the only one studio, which is doing something, when all other near is just the shit. When all the famous names have retired, sold out, given up and so on. But Style is really doing something creative and original. In any case i'm publishing this work just because any work of this studio deserves to be published.

Also i want to remind, or to inform for those who don't know, that there left a little time, when we see the full-fledged work of Style (well, onepointsix had been done in a weak). I'm saying about O'fRoD the aftermath. Atm only intro is needed to be complete, the rest is already done. So waiting for one of the best works of the studio. And seems one of the best movies of this and the previous year.

Untill that let's enjoy the onepointsix

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