Replay Seeker 0.9 for wc3

Warcraft 3 Replay seeker программа для мувмейкинга

 The main function of this usefull tool is to make a search of WarCraft III replays easier.

Authors: Danat & DonTomaso

Tool abilitys:

  • You may regulate velocity of replay from 1/32x up to 31x or set the velocity "as fast as possible" which will be limited by the velocity of work you PC processor.
  • You may point out the position you need in the replay and ReplaySeeker will scroll forward the replay using the max velocity untill this point, setting the pause when the search is completed and informing about it by sounding. Note, that it works even when the window of Warcraft is hided, allows you to do everything you want at the same time.
  • The scrolling back is also supported, but archieves with restart of replay and then scrolling forward with the max velocity, so it's not the real scrolling back. You always can check up will the replay be started or not by looking at filed "sync solution".

How to use: the application must automatically identify by itself that replays is running in Warcraft and inform about it (the status is being changed). After the application got activated, you can change the velocity of replay and can point out the position you need and click  "synchronize".

System requirements: 
For correct work of programm you need FrameWork 2.0 which (anyway if it wasn't installed yet by other applications) may be downloaded here: - .Net Framework 2.0 download page (dotnetfx.exe - 22,4 mb)

Plugins' system
From the version 0.9 tool supports different plugins.

Available plugins:

  • ReplayHotkey (by Danat) - the simple plugin for binding hotkeys for Pause, Velocity +/-, and showing hitpoints of allies/enemys during the replay watching.

Notice: you have to copy the dll file of plugin into your folder "Plugins".

Where to download:

Downloading the tool within the plugin 

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