The best movies of 2007

The best movies 2007, лучшие мувики по мнению

The best movies of 2007: MovieNations edition

Every self-respecting organization in the end of the year makes up an own hit parade "best of the best" and MoviesNations is not an exception. We present You our top of the most exicting movies of the outgoing 2007 year. Here they are:

Eve - the movie, which has proved, that fragmovie also can be very special: very unusual soundtrack; pretty simple, but well-supplied effects; wonderfull frags; perfect syncronization; amazing editing - this all is making Eve best from the all created in this year.

Synced - the vid, which has picked up the standard of  CSS movies and proved that even from the lowskilled frags might be created a very interesting movie.

French Connection2 - the french origin and all has been said by this. Only these guys can produce up a movie with low resoltion and bad quality, add a very interesting idea to the last, flavore it all a great atmosphere and mix up brilliant frags of their compatriots. One more revelation from France.

Noname - the ideological continuer of Clix' movie,  minimalism in all, and so much for Counter Strike fans and good frag videos. Standard colors, standard fx, pretty good sync and superb frags - what else is need for the successful counter strike movie?  This is the best Chillside's release after Jaegarn X the revenge movie.

Castor Fiber - very original movie, but for the biggest fans only. A taking-away music and great sync.

New cs life - the movie has good atmosphere and nice frags.

All movies are really good, so we decide to not give them places in our hit parade. The only thing we consider - Eve is the best.

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