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Since our site have been cracked again and i've become very busy (RL, you know, is a very harsh thing, who is taking away all your freetime), our english version have lost it own actuality. Now there are so many news have been accumulated, as it's almost impossible to cover in it all in a short one. But i will try :)

I will miss some not really important facts you already should have had to know about; they are: the Stylish addition in the face of great Espen K. "Zaknafein" Sjøberg, the Insane Players 3 success and PCGamingRoomContest. You might have read it all on some other moviemaking sites, so no reason for repeat.

I will tell you about the MovieNations' news, well, you are here for them, aren't you?! :)

AEROSill - epilog. Very many people wewre waiting for this movie; the trailer came to tops for almost a weak. We present a new release of MovieNations - AEROSKILL. Made up by 3d guru and just a good guy - Ghost. Some words about his creation:
"As i have written in the readme, i have to say that because of lack of the time i have failed to paste the 3d part i've been going to in my movie and after all decided to make 3 movies instead of one: The AeroSkill - EPIlog, you can watch now; The AeroSkill - Content, where i'm planning to include the most insane frags and The AeroSkill - PROlog - the final movie. The release have been delayed because of lack of time and i can do nothing with it. Think you will like the movie even it's without 3d, what is so unusual for me."

butch in MN

The picture isn't lieing, yeah, it's hardy to imagine, but it have happened, the founder of Crazy Glock Prod (one of the famous moviemaking teams in Russia) - butch is now in the MovieNations. Greatings and welcome!

The next newspost won't make indifferent to all Insane Players moviereel fans.

The picture says Insane Players 3 is now in the "projects". If you by unknown somewhat reason can't find it - i will help you. I advice you from time to time to check it up here.

m3 news 1

New very actual info about M3 movie is available now: the project isn't cancelled, but due to the internal problems been postponed; the realease date is set up to 2008. Also screens have been updated. All is in the project page


Just 3 days ago, the 2nd december, a big moviemaking contest called Cyber movie 07 have been taking place in the Saint Petersburg, Russia. And today we are glad to anounce the winners:

The 1st place Q3-TV by xano0ch
4,25 points

The 2nd and 3rd places are shared by movies: by Negative-Sight and Back To Power by Aceit media
3,625 points

The 4th is going to SPB CSS Summer by podobaev Artem Vladimirovich:-)
2,6 points

All movies are simply great! I'm very happy that there are the people who is creating movies like these, it was a real pleasure to watch them! Keep it up, guys! Our congratulations!

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