projects updates and more

Woohoo, hi guys :D Yep, yep, yep i know - you would say: and a year havn't passed :D Well, today i will make you happy (hope so) with some news.

First off as you may have heard, that the 16th september here in Moscow have been the exhibition of computer games, Game X2 (in addition to it all many top teams from all the world came to Moscow to fight for 50000$ in the Intel Challenge Cup 2007, where Virtus.Pro took the 1st place, the 2nd and the germans from aTTax the 3rd). But not the Intel Challenge Cup is interested us (ofc it too). Our lovely cs:source moviemaker F1rSt_nK had been working on a short teaser for the one of the not-possible-to-be-counted stands with monitors. And, yeah, we want to show his work : )

It's a 30-seconded teaser for CSOnline - the portal, been created by GDTeam company coming veery soon. You can take the teaser here!

Coming next. As i have promised we are publicing projects updates.

Nasha - Life Spring Cup 07 - the new project of next upcoming movie. The author is F1rSt_nK. The cs:source movie is about the best russian source fraggers. The realease date is up to October 2007. You can see some screenshots in the project page.

Many of you (as we are) are waiting a long-awaited movie about ukrainan top team A-Gaming. The first realease date was the summer of 2007, but we haven't seen out the movie yet because of some problems. Probably some of you have already decided that we won't see the movie, i'm telling you, you will. For those who is still waiting, i'm posting here the words of the creator,  Blip, and saying the screensohts have been updated:

                                "Every time, when i had postponed the movie, there were own reasons. Every time is new, and every
                                 time is serious. But now all is getting so good, that i have enough free time on my movie. I'm trying to
                                 to complete my movie as fast as i can, even though it's not the one my project atm. I do not want t
                                 postpone the movie, but i have to produce a hgh-quality movie to do not dissapoint the people. And i
                                 feel very uncomfortable to guys from A-Gaming. That's why i will do my best and you will necessarily
                                see the movie the nearest time."

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