9th May - The Victory's Day and 104 Polk movie

MovieNations heartily congratulates you with The Victory's Day! With The 9th  May Day! (by the way, this is exaclty what is written on the picture above) and presents a new movie.


"I always like to discover something new, not overused, as in real life, as in moviemaking. A few time ago, i found out for myself a such game as Call of Duty, which had been new and interesting for me, and in the same time very beatifull and not the worst engined for the moviemaking.

And now i present you the new release from MovieNations - 104 Polk movie. The video is about a team of my mates and friends, hobbying this game; the team is one of the strongest teams in Teleinform network. The words i can describe it with: impressive, dynamic, enthralling. What, you aren't watching it now?!"

104 Polk by MovieNations

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