3 new movies by MovieNations

Hello, today we are glad to present 3 new movies by MovieNations movie-crew.  They are:

1.  New generation 2

The first official release by our member MMd.This movie is about his friends from TeleInform network. Was made special for MovieM.lv Movie Competition v2 from our Latvian mates MovieM.lv and reached top2.

Go to New Generation 2 movie profile on MovieNations.com to download it!

2.  Human Dark Side css movie

Our 2nd release is a movie about one of the best Counter-Strike Source teams of Russia - HDS, made by our cs:s moviemaker - F1rSt_nK. The movie also took part in MovieM.lv Movie Competition v2 and won it.

Download Human Dark Side css movie!

3.  Insane Players 2

And the last work, probably the most tasty movie of all three presented, is a submission for Creative-Movies Directors CUT contest. Movie contains best frags from the top players of all over the world, mixed with some great effects and created by 4 MovieNations crew members  cLutch5, sMw, Ghost and berkut.

Download Insane Players 2 movie!

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