Pride: Autumn season

Since this question was raised quite much in the past week we will answer to all of them in one shot. There won't be any Autumn Season for Pride at the moment, due to financial reasons.

For anyone willing to help and solve the situation message the administration, for anyone willing to do something else with the news welcome to comments. 

  • BG dReaMLike 03 Sep 2017 14:31
    Alright. So I have a few ideas on how this can be changed.

    1. There should be ranked and non-ranked MNPride.
    -Ranked: Song chosen from leaders randomly.
    -Normal: The system we have now.
    MOTW being chosen by certain criteria , not by random people.
    Season winners should be around 5 , and also chosen by leaders.

    2. Just remove the dualing , and go for thematic edits. Who will do a really good flow , who will make the best CC , idea and etc.

    3. You can also make voting for songs , and the song with most votes will be the one people would work on for the certain week. (votes only allowed to people who participate and don't have any bans). People who fail to FULLY finish their work , get 1 week participation ban , and 1 month voting ban. (since you can always submit a 5 second beta and get away with it.). So basically "participate only if you have the time for it".

    4. Pride judges should be in a call (discord/skype etc.) to discuss together who should win and who shouldn't , by giving good arguments.
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    • ZZ Barabulyko 03 Sep 2017 15:25
      "by giving good arguments." moviemaking isnt objective man, its SUBjective. Its about your personal feelings and preferences. There cant be proper judging by the meaning of the moviemaking.