Two teasers for Round Zero

Flickering hud, flickering light, and flicking monitor. And tracking. Yeah. Thats the man himself, the Serhii "Or1on" Romashkin.

Now you must be wondering like, hey, what kind of news this old fafella can have for us? Well he's got you something better than movie. The TEASERS to the movie.

Now what's the deal? Well we are afraid that Or1on released the teasers because he lost his motivation to this fragmovie which is really, REALLY something we wouldnt like to happen. So we require you to cheer him. We ask you to write him a message or a comment, or whatever else, and make sure that you will motivate him to show the modern world that oldschool is still really cool. We are counting on you as we are already getting out of breath on this one. 

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