MN Pride changing in the Rules

We always want to ensure that your experience on Pride is fair in all directions. Thus we are pushing another change into the rules regarding the rewards. We noticed that even tho we enlarged punishment for those who do not make their movies for Pride, we still face noticeable amount of fights where none of the duelists or one of the duelists do not finish or do not even start their movie. And in second option the one who made his work was suffering too, since duel didn't actually happen, there was no fight, so there was no win and thus duelist didn't get the star which would affect his place by the end of the season. |

Before there was no chance for getting star out of such duel. Now it will be decided by the administration. We will be watching if the fight wasn't cheating (like fake duelists account) and it was just an unfortunate event for an opponent of yours or if it was something dodgy and fight wasn't something you would call a fair fight. 

All stars for similar occasions of the previous weeks of Summer Season will be reaccounted. 

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