MN Pride: Revolution

Huge hype around our previous news on Pride inspired us. We realised that ppl are still participating on Pride and are actually following it. So we thought, damn those fellas deserve even more good news and well... Good news everyone: Pride Seasons here!

What are those Seasons? Well its just like Seasons in any other game\sports. Participate in fights during given amount of time (3 months of summer) and 3 best duellists will claim the Prize Pool which you can see on the Pride's Main page (around 100 dollars as of the moment article was created). Prize pool will be distributed between winners somehow, we havnt decided how yet. Prize pool's money are coming from user donations. If you want to be one of those good fellas head in here. More details on renewed Pride can be found in FAQ, which you probably should revisit since Pride has received some upgrades. 


If you have any ideas about Pride Seasons or new Pride rules or anything regarding website, then say it in comments of this article. We will be watching and reading!