Movienations Upgrade: Movies Revisited!

Back then, when Movienations website was getting remastered 3rd time the movies page was made in a rush. Now its time to fix the mistakes of the past, and embrace the future.

Movies Revisited!

Now movies page is split not in 2 columns but in multiple strings, each highlighting different movies:
-Community's choice
This string highlights movies that were approved by community. Approved means it acquired given amout of rating which is calculated by Likes and Favs.
Can be filtered with the icons of game above.

-New movies
Whenever someone hits that Submit movie button and submits movie, it instantly appears here on the first place.

-Staff's choice
Movienations staff's personal choice.

Movies that are rapidly gaining rating in the past 24 hours. Can be something that grows up from the bottom to reach community's choice, or something that keeps on acquiring rating far past community's choice.

-CG Movies
Computer graphics is computer graphics, eh.

-MN Pride
Movies that were submitted for our beloved MN Pride.

During the rework concept of the movie page has been changed many times but there is still a chance that we missed something. If you got a cool idea or you know what we missed, say it to us in the comment section below!

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