Movienations Upgrade: Conversations!

You know since the very old times people tended to communicate between each other. At the start of the web where it was only one little lan we had shitty refreshing TXT files, then we had forums then e-mails and now, now we have live chat. And we thought: We ain't no worse than all those fools around. We can have those too! Aaaand we made em. Meet the Conversations!

How does it work:
On the top right corner of our website where it shows your nickname. Click here. You see there is a new option to click called conversations. That's it.

What features it has:
-All your dialogs in one place (if you had one)
-Search by name
-Unlimited amount of symbols in 1 message

What features it will have soon™:
-Conversations of more than 2 ppl (its actually live already there is just no interface for that yet)
-Separate notifications
-Studio conversations
-Pictures\videos\links embed
-Dialogs wipe
-Messages editing\removing

As always if u notice some bugs, or have some ideas for improvements in your mind, express that all in comment section below! We are always watching (: