Our Chinese colleague sends us his new stuff. His words:

Hey guys! Since 2009 I was trying to fix the original maps of CS1.6. I made a lot of things like enhancing with custom elements via 3ds, adding HD textures downloaded from textures.com (that's a nice website), adding objects from CS:GO and CS:S using 3DRipperDX and so on.

There are such maps as "de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke de_train".

Done in summer of 2014. These files will require 3ds max 2012 or higher.

These maps were in first palce made for my last CS movie, but actually I gave up, I got work,I don't have time to make CS movies anymore.
Now, i released these maps, so you could use them in your movie, or maybe something else. I hope it can help some moviemakers, maybe it will give you some inspiration who knows.

Thanks to everyone for all they did, but for now good bye.
- Ahemax


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